anger mgmt

Anger Management is defined as the strategies and techniques individuals can use to control their responses to anger-provoking situations. 

Man 2 Man's EMOTION MANAGEMENT AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM curriculum is geared specifically toward domestic violence education, prevention and group counseling. The program provides services for the indigent and other low-income individuals who cannot afford more costly programs. There is also a component of spiritual accountability that is incorporated into the classes. This accountability leads to long-term success for course graduates. Currently, there are 300 participants in the program with the need growing as we receive an average of 15 to 20 new enrollees per week.  Our program is certified by the Alameda County Probation Department and is staffed by volunteers who are trained and certified in Domestic Violence/Anger Management. 

Our substance abuse prevention aspect of the program also presents a psycho-social and spiritual model of substance abuse and chemical dependency, with specific emphasis on historical trends for society in general and for men of color in particular. We stress the impact of substance use and abuse on significant others, the family, job and society as a whole.