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Can we have a conversation? The Radio Show

In November of 2019, Man 2 Man did a demo of its online Conflict Resolution class. Impressed and excited by what was presented, one of the attendees, who was scheduled to be a guest on LuvBay Radio that evening, invited Stewart Perrilliat to join him. He shared the Man 2 Man mission with the Canadian audience and the impact the organization had already had on the community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Perrilliat also expressed his vision of expanding the reach of Man 2 Man’s mission to meet the growing need of fathers and men of color in Canada.

The content was so well-received that the host of the show and owner of the station invited Man 2 Man to return to the show as guest. Since then, Man 2 Man has been a regularly-featured guest and as a result of the popularity, LuvBay Radio gave Man 2 Man its own monthly show, “Can We Have a Conversation?” and has requested that Man 2 Man appear weekly.


Carifika Canada

The executive director of the community organization Carifika Canada, Yuri Hutchinson, reached out to Man2Man to participate in a panel discussion about Black Dads. The panel contained a number of other community leaders from throughout Canada. This online event was to address the issues of the importance of fatherhood.

The Effects of Covid-19 on the Psyche of Men and Their Families

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when families were quarantined together, community leaders in Toronto, Canada recognized the need to address some of the mental effects of COVID-19 . BSky show radios asked Man2Man to be a co-host with Jan B to discuss th psychological effects, suicide concerns, mental health issues that result from long term quarentining. The discussion covered some of the issues that arise from pressure, anxiety, and isolation. Listeners were given advice on recognizing the signs, managing emotions issues, and some easy to implement steps to relieve stress.


Stepping up Stepping In

After the success of the conversations on fatherhood, the LB station received many inquiries from their listeners on getting services from Man2Man. 'Stepping up Stepping In' was an 8-week interactive fatherhood seminar conducted at the beginning of 2021 that was targeted to the Canadian audience.

Topics Included:

Critical points of development & understanding of manhood Spirituality & masculinity: Intersections of faith, ministry, & misguidance Contemporary research & applications Anatomy of conflicts & conflict resolution Effective listening and communicating Mental health, spirituality, & inclusivity for men